Adapter les spécificités de la Webcam


PT(Z) is achieved either through motion or kmotions own drivers and is selected
by the driver dropdown list in the PT(Z) configuration.

I struggled for quite a while to get my PT(Z) Logitec orbit webcam to pan and
tilt under Linux. This is how I got it to go :)

Check the motion documentation and ensure you have setup ...

On ubuntu you need sudo apt-get install cmake g++ libxml2-dev

Follow this link to compile the module and uvcdynctrl tool ...

The Logitec 'logitec.xml' file will not work. It needs to be modified follow this link ...
I have included a copy of my 'modified_logitec.xml' file in the kmotion docs folder.

Finally execute the following ...

libwebcam-0.1.1/build/Apps/uvcdynctrl$ ./uvcdynctrl -i /.../modified_logitech.xml

And test with test 'http://localhost:8080/1/track/set'

*NOTE* You need to execute
'libwebcam-0.1.1/build/Apps/uvcdynctrl$ ./uvcdynctrl -i /.../modified_logitech.xml'
every time you boot.